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Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies Store

Our Store:
We are located at 1830 Dixwell Ave. Hamden, CT. 06514

Our store hours are:
Monday - Closed,
Tuesday & Wednesday 12 to 5,
Thursday 12 to 7:30,
Friday 12 to 9:00,
Saturday 11 to 8:00
Sunday - Closed

We are proud to serve Organic Coffee & Tea from our friends at

http://savvyteagourmet.com http://www.cafesenorrueda.com

We have a wide variety of Foxon Park Soda, and cold milk to compliment your Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies.

We have free WiFi so come on down, plug in and spend some quality time with us.

We also feature brownies with our cookies baked in the middle and cupcakes topped with our Amazing Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies in them!! They are out of this world!!

You can order our NEW 6 inch Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies Cakes - It's a design your own cake, you select the flavor, icing & cookies. We will create a truly unique dessert for any special occasion.

Last but NOT at all least, please come read Mama Moon Rocks story and how our dream has come true and add your dream to our dream wall. The wall is getting so full we had to rearrange it a bit. Come dream with us!!