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The Moon Rocks Story:

Over 40 years ago my mother Cynthia Rae - The Culinary Master, (aka Mama Moon Rocks) was a single mother who worked 3 jobs and put herself through culinary school. While in school she complained to her professor that there were no chocolate chip cookies that tasted the way she wanted them to. He challenged her to create her own as a learning exercise. This is where the "secret recipe" was born. The unique flavor and texture are truly out of this world. This recipe more than proved that baking was truly my mother's calling.

After working so hard and producing this extraordinary product you can imagine the disappointment when, as a new graduate, she was not able to find employment in the field. In all honesty, it was a different world then and women did not have the opportunities that we have today. This was one of my mother's greatest disappointments in life. My whole life my mother has been telling me that we needed to make Moon Rocks, that the world needed them. : ) I have watched for years as our friends and family go absolutely crazy for these cookies. We even had someone steal the entire tray from an affair and refuse to share them!! Wherever the cookies went, joy and happiness followed!!

Shortly before my 50th birthday (and my mother's 75th : ) I decided it was time to share the Moon Rocks love with the world. Our first sale was on Sept. 13th, 2014 (my wedding anniversary : ) On October 13th, 2015 we were blessed to open our first store. We quickly added our adorable Cookie Food Truck. In March 2018 we were asked to be one of the prestigious stores at the Shops At Yale!! We are thrilled out of our minds with this newest addition to the Moon Rocks family.

What we LOVE is that we have created a community. We rent our kitchen to new bakers getting started. We want our kitchen to be a blessing to others and we have a real start-up incubator. All of our tips go to a local animal rescue. Why tell you about all of this? We want to encourage you, right where you are you can make a difference!!!

So, my friends, I am sharing our story, our passion, our love and our dreams with you. Enjoy every single bite, share them with the people you love. Enjoy life, love hard, live your dreams and don't ever let anyone tell you "you can't". I truly appreciate you and now you are part of our story, our lives, and our family.

Be Blessed and Be Well - Marni Rae-Esposito, CEO (Chief Excitement Officer : )